If you are a certified diver, you can join us in our every day boat dives. We can provide you every part of diving equipment, in case you don’t have yours. We can provide you also Nitrox . Depending on weather  conditions and concerning your certification and experience we can choose the proper dive site for you.

Our main base is in Vourkari bay. We meet at the dive centre, prepare the equipment and go to the dock just 150 meters from our base. We place the gear on the ribs and off we go.

When there is northern wind, we meet in Koundouros bay , in the southwest of the island.

There we have our second base, right on Koundouraki beach, at Keawatersports facility. This area is very well protected from northern winds and it is very close to the famous Koundouros reef. You have to contact us in advance to let you know where we meet

Usually our daily schedule contains three dives : The first is at 10.30, the second at 13.30 and the third at 16.30. Sometimes we do the last dive of the day at 18.30 , depending on wind conditions.

We can conduct also night dives.

In case there has been a long time since your last dive and you don’t feel that confident, we can do refresh sessions or reviews.

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