1. Spanopoula Rock: Boat dive at the north side of the island. The rock rises 60 meters off the coast. Anchorage is at the reef between the rock and the coast. The dive takes place round the rocky island. Max depth is 40 meters and it is an open sea area. You may even encounter large pelagics (Tunas, swordfish, etc.) There is also an option to swim across a unique tunnel. We call it the “tunnel of love”. You can watch a video of this dive at our youtube channel                                                                      

2. Castriani cavern. A wonderful dive, full of tunnels, swimthroughs and awesome rock formations. A place difficult to approach, but when the weather conditions are proper, it really pays off                                             

3. Mavrabeli cape. Beautiful wall dive, worths to go deep, at 40 m. A lot of fish

4. Cape Tamelos. The lands end, the southest point of the island. Breathtaking wall diving, deep water area, difficult to access due to weather conditions. For experienced divers

5. Platys Yalos bay (Wide strand bay) Wonderful divesite, one of the coolest of the island. Huge rocks underwater, caverns, a little wreck. You ‘ll love it. For experienced divers, it’s a deep dive, at 37m.

6. Cavo Pounda. At Koundouros bay, an easy cool dive, ideal to get familiar with local conditions, protected from northern winds. Max depth 18m.

7. Koundouros reef - Patris wreck: Boat diving for experienced, advanced divers. The reef lies 400 meters offshore Koundouros bay, on the south side of the island, at a minimum depth of 1.5 meters below the surface. Round the reef dive, with a possibility of current. Breathtaking area. Rumors say that there is a wreck somewhere there. A 1860 steamership, 80m long, named Patris. Maybe we can find out if it’s true, lol……Definitely the highlight of the island. In the bay area there are also two other wonderful dives. One in the area south of the reef and another at the inner reef of the bay. Both worth visiting

8. Kalogiros bay . Wonderful drift dive , great underwater hills, cliffs and valleys. Awesome rock formation.

9. Ksyla bay. One of the best reefs of the island. Plenty of fish , breathtaking rock formation, one, of our top picks. Deep wall dive, 40m, for advanced divers

10. Marades bay. Remains of a unidentified wreck at 10 meters depth. Easy, fun diving for those who want to refresh their skills and come back. Highly recommended as the first dive on the island , to get familiar with local conditions

11. Piper. A Piper airplane, wrecked about 25 years ago in the north side of the nearby island of Makronisos. Easy, nice dive at 18m. Located 11 n. miles from Vourkari

12. Kyra Leni . A cargo ship that sunk during the ‘70s at the nearby rocky islet of Patroklos, 16n. miles from Kea. Max depth 33m, a wonderful wreck

13. S/S Burdigala . Ex Kaiser Friedrich. Built in 1897. The holy grail. For Teck Divers. 59-75 meters depth, less than a nautical mile from Kea's coast. Sunk in 1916, was a transatlantic luxury steamership, 183 m. long. Discovered in 2008, one of the best deep wrecks in the Med. Standing upright. A lifetime experience

14. Junkers 52, WW2 german military airplane, sunk in 1943, less than 500 meters form Burdigala, at 64 m of depth, in one piece, in perfect condition. For Teck divers as well. Awesome, standing upright ! Soon will become a part of the Kea Underwater Historic Site. 

15. HSHM Britannic. No comments. Bottom 117m, located 2n. miles north west of Kea. The Everest of diving. Sunk in 1916


Special thanks to our fellows Dirk Remmers and Armando Ribeiro for those amazing fotos

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2015 DR Kea-00633
2015 DR Kea-00697

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