Kea’s surrounding waters are really famous worldwide for their astonishing underwater treasures. HMHS Britannic, S/S Burdigala, a WWII Junkers 52, S/S Patris and other wrecks. We do have the experience and the resources to support and conduct such wreck diving expeditions.

We can assist you  with:

  • Permit issuing
  • Provide Helium and Oxygen banks
  • Provide bailout tanks (stages)
  • Prepare and setup of anchoring lines, dive lines, deco stations
  • Provide experienced Tec divers to assist in daily operations ( safety diver, assist with logistics and  preparations)
  • Dive centre support and use for storage, rinsing, compressors, wifi, printing, daily preparations
  • Main dive boat for max 10 divers with experienced crew
  • Speedboat RIBs with captain
  • ROV with the operator
  • Assist you in any issue concerning logistics: Accommodation, transport, gear shipping etc.

Please contact us in advance for details

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DR 2016 Britannic-03952

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